Honeydew Happiness

The discovery of a new recipe can do more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a new star.

~David Baird, A Thousand Paths To Happiness (pg. 463)

I’m not sure how many people can appreciate this quote or for that matter agree with it, but for me it hits very close to home.

When trying a new dish I tend to stick to the recipe word for word — the first time.  After that, the gloves come off and I tweak it until I literally “make it my own.”   I’m not sure if it is possible to come up with a recipe from scratch.  Based on all the recipes I’ve read, there would be something taken from that knowledge, thereby making any claims that “I came up with this recipe all by myself” false.  Still, using a new ingredient to make something different from all the other recipes out there, has to account for something.

Today I created my own recipe for Honeydew Jelly.  I cannot take credit for coming up with the idea of using melon in a jelly because last year I made Watermelon Jelly and cantaloupe Jam from recipes I found on the internet.  Using Honeydew though seemed like something fun to try, especially since I found three of them on the discount rack a few days ago for $1 each.

I read through the recipe for cantaloupe Jelly, increased the amount of fruit, decreased the amount of sugar, and used liquid pectin instead of powdered.  The result?  I’m not sure if it has set completely yet, but thus far it is more of a sauce/syrup consistency than a jelly.  I prefer a soft-set jelly but if it doesn’t set a little firmer in the next few days, I might open half the batch and add another packet of liquid pectin.  When I made cantaloupe Jelly/Jam last summer it was very runny.  I ended up leaving the jam soft and adding more pectin to the jelly.

As far as the taste?  I like it.  It is similar to cantaloupe but since I haven’t opened a jar of that in a while, I’ll need to do a side-by-side taste test to see how different it really is.  What I really like about it is the color.  I added a drop of green food coloring and it gave it a wonderfully rich green hue.  The only other green preserve I have in the panty is Kiwi-Lime.  Although I love all the reds and pinks, it is sure nice to have something a little different to break it up a little.

Trying something new is scary but at the same time exciting.  I’m glad I took the leap toward coming up with “my own jelly recipe.”  For this I am Simply Grateful.


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