Canning For Mother’s Day

A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist. ~ Franklin Jones

Spent a couple of hours this morning at my favorite produce market and came home with a carload of produce, plants, and top soil. Once again my eyes seemed bigger than my gumption once I got home because I was a bit overwhelmed, but I’m sure tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep, I’ll be up for all the canning and planting I’ve got ahead of me.

The best finds at the market today were two boxes of California peaches and one box of nectarines for a total of $5.00. My daughter, Grace recently discovered my canned peaches in the basement (I’ve been canning these for a couple of years, but she never noticed I guess) and in the past week she has eaten two quarts of them. Finding the peaches was perfect. I can make a peach crumble for Mother’s Day dessert tomorrow and can the rest. As for the nectarines, I’ve never canned them, but am anxious to try this. I don’t have to peel them, so it should be a quick process.

Bell checking out the cases of peaches.

Bell checking out the cases of peaches.


Nectarines - No Peeling Required!

Nectarines – No Peeling Required!

After stashing the boxes of peaches and nectarines on my cart, I headed over to the discount table and found more than 15 boxes of mini cucumbers. No, I did not buy them all. In fact, I wasn’t sure what I could do with them. I’ve made pickles with pickling cucumbers, but never these mini cucumbers. Still, I couldn’t pass them up — they were calling to me. So, I bought one case for $1.50 and am hoping for the best.

Mini Cucumbers - Hopefully they'l make good pickles.

Mini Cucumbers – Hopefully they’ll make good pickles.

Next, I walked around the market a few more times and when I came to the tomato table a worker offered me a box of tomatoes he had just sorted off the table. For $2.00 I got a good size box of tomatoes and will can these chopped for salsa. They are not the reddest yet, but give them a day or two on the counter, and they’ll be good to go.

A case of tomatoes for $2.00 - how could I say no.

A case of tomatoes for $2.00 – how could I say no.

Heading to the checkout I hit the discount rack and found two bags of peppers, one orange and one yellow, for $1.00. I’ll freeze these for a variety of dishes. I like freezing peppers. All I have to do is clean them, slice them, and freeze. No blanching involved.

A dozen peppers for $1.00 - definitely going on the menu for next week.

A dozen peppers for $1.00 – definitely going on the menu for next week.

It was a good day at the produce market and now I’ve got my Mother’s Day planned — canning, canning, and more canning. Oh yeah, I also picked up some pepper plants, a couple of Roma tomato plants, some pickling cucumber plants, and marigolds to plant tomorrow. It should be a full day, hopefully the weather will hold. At any rate, the family will all be home and I’ll be spending it with the people I love, doing my favorite things, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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    • I know! I could spend all day at this produce market, just waiting for them to put more great deals on the discount rack — and this coming Saturday I just might be doing that.

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