Baltic Amber Stress Relief

A couple of months ago Gracie came home from work raving about Baltic amber and the healing qualities and health benefits it promised. Just to name a few of the possible benefits — migraine, sinus, body ache, stress, and anxiety relief. Not necessarily believing something as simple as pure amber could deliver on even half of what it promised, we did some research on the Internet.

Although there wasn’t a whole lot of information on Baltic amber, other than the typical sales pitch, Gracie was convinced this would help her immune system fight off the constant ailments she faces at school and work. So, I ordered us each a Baltic amber bracelet from Amazon.


We have both been wearing these bracelets for about two months. I’m not sure I’ve noticed anything different because I control my migraines, stress, anxiety, and sinus issues with raw milk and my morning coffee. I have noticed, however, my stress levels do seem to be very low, so maybe it is picking up where the milk and caffeine leave off.

This morning after an especially stressful conversation with my mother on the phone which left me literally shaking, Gracie and I headed out on some errands. We finished our errands then decided to enjoy the sunshine by walking around a local outdoor mall.

As we strolled in and out of stores Gracie asked, “How is your amber bracelet working out for you?”

“I think okay.” I answered.

“Does it help with your stress and anxiety?” she continued.

“Well, you saw how well it helped when I was talking to your grandmother.”

Scoffing she replied, “It’s not a miracle worker, Mom!” We both laughed.

This was one of those special mother/daughter moments where laughter is truly the best medicine. I don’t know if the Baltic amber has any effect on the stresses in my life, but Gracie sure does. My stress level fell, the anxiety drained from my body, and the rest of the day each time I looked at my bracelet, I smiled, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


3 responses

  1. Such a cute story ending. All natural is how you deal with the ailments of life. I don’t take medicine, but tried a herbal remedy my cousin offered and was surprised it worked great. It was called Arnicare. No pain after one night’s sleep, and I could walk again pain free.

    • I try to go as all natural as I can. For years I took asprin and such, but found it had a snowball of side affects. I’ll have to look into the Arnicare. Sounds like something that could be useful. Thank you.

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