Friday The 13th Claims Another Victim

Looking for something to do while sitting on the couch this afternoon, Zeb invited me to watch a marathon of Friday The 13th movies. Hour after hour Jason killed his unsuspecting victims until finally dying a horrible, gory death in the end – or did he? Why all those people kept splitting up, going into the dark alone, and opening those doors that mysteriously closed, I’ll just never understand.

While enjoying the festival of slasher movies, I decided to try to be a little productive as well. Grabbing four pounds of roasted peanuts I’d bought a week ago to make some homemade peanut butter, I sat with Zeb and shucked peanuts. For three hours we shucked peanuts. What a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun too.

A bowlful of peanuts.

A bowlful of peanuts.

A bowlful of empty shells.

A bowlful of empty shells.

A bowlful of shelled peanuts.

A bowlful of shelled peanuts.

Once the peanuts were shucked, it was time to start the food processor and make some peanut butter. Everyone gathered around the island as I prepared to start.

I filled the processor with peanuts.

A food processor full of peanuts.

A food processor full of peanuts.

Turned it on.

Peanuts whirling away.

Peanuts whirling away.

Watched it whirl around, and then it stopped.


Hubby and the kids looked at each other. I turned the unit off, turned the lid, and pulled. It was stuck. For the next 30 minutes, hubby and I tried to separate the lid from the base, the base from the motor, and the blade from the base. Nothing. Grace emptied the contents of the food processor through the hole in the lid thinking it might help. Nothing. Zeb shook the unit and pounded his fist on the lid trying to loosen it. Nothing. It was stuck and not budging.

So much for homemade peanut butter tonight. I blame this on it being Friday the 13th, although I am not typically superstitious what other reason would explain the sudden demise of my food processor.  I know, I know — there are a million reasons:  I filled it too much, it was dying anyway, the $0.75 I paid for it at a garage sale (yes that is seventy-five cents) eight years ago (yes, eight years) was money just thrown away (actually one of the best garage sale finds I ever made), or any number of other reasons, but I’m sticking with the Friday the 13th excuse — I mean explanation.

Tomorrow is another day and I’ll pull out my mini food processor and see if I have any better luck with that and then move on to the blender if necessary. I am determined if nothing else.

Although frustrating, to say the very least, it was a great day of watching slasher movies with Zeb and then enjoying a family effort to get the food processor un-seized. We might not have solved anything today, but everyone was there for support and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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