Mixed Summer Berry Lemonade Thirst Quencher

The heat and humidity of summer is in full swing today in Michigan. A good day to stay inside, allowing the garden to flourish out in the heat, and catch up on housework. As much as I love summer, I am definitely not a fan of humidity, but I know the garden is lovin’ it.

Days like today are perfect for mixing up a batch of Mixed Summer Berry Lemonade. I came up with this combination last week when I was down to my final eight cups of strained strawberry juice and wanted something quick and easy to can. Building off a recipe for blackberry-lemonade concentrate, I thought combing various berry juices would intensify the flavors and truly make this drink pop. I was right. I’ve been looking for a recipe for fruit punch concentrate to use for smoothies. This recipe is exactly what I was looking for.

Mixed Summer Berry Lemonade Concentrate


2 Cups Blackberry Juice (strained)
1 Cup Strawberry Juice (strained)
4 Cups Lemon Juice
5 Cups Sugar

To juice berries, place in microwave safe bowl and heat on high for five minutes. Remove from microwave and puree with stick blender. Heat in microwave for additional three minutes. Run puree through food mill to remove seeds. Do this with both blackberries and strawberries.

Measure blackberry and strawberry juice and put in stock pot with lemon juice and sugar. Bring to boil slowly until it reaches 190°. Remove from heat, ladle into hot jars leaving 1/4 inch head space, clean rims, place lids and secure bands. Process in water bath canner for 10 minutes.

To reconstitute: Mix 1 part concentrate with 1 part water and serve over ice. It might be necessary to dilute this concentrate a bit more according to taste.

For the most part I try to serve only water, raw milk, and home-made juices to my family. Occasionally though it is nice to give them a special treat of something refreshing and sweet. This concentrate is perfect for that and for this I am — Simply Grateful.

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