Don’t Judge A Cook By Her Counters

I don’t know about you, but I gauge how productive I’ve been at the end of the day by what my kitchen counters look like.  This morning, this is what the counter I call my “production counter” looked like.


Last weeks canning results.

Last weeks canning results.

It was full of all the canning I’d done last week.  I could not put these jars away until I labeled them, thus why they were still there.  Being the beginning of a new week, plus the fact that Hubby was complaining about the counter being completely inundated with canned goods, this was my first task of the day.  Before I even put on the morning coffee, I made the list of all the labels I needed.  This is what the counter looked like after the jars were labeled and moved to the pantry in the basement.

Empty, lonely, dismal counter.

Empty, lonely, dismal counter.

Maybe it’s just me, but I look at that clean, empty counter and think to myself, “How sad.  It looks as if I haven’t been doing anything.”  Well, that didn’t last long.  By noon I’d canned the beets I picked yesterday, a batch of kiwi lemon-lime concentrate, and a fresh batch of granola.  Still, the counter was mocking me, daring me to do more.  So I made a deep dish peach crumble pie and some peach cobbler with the peaches I had left over.  Much better.


Today's canning and baking.  It's a start.

Today’s canning and baking. It’s a start.

Hubby might not like the counter cluttered and full, but this is one way I judge how productive I’ve been throughout the day, week, and dare I admit — month.  Sure it might look a little cluttered and limit the amount of counter space I have to work on, but with the proof right there for everyone to see, there is no way I can be accused of sitting around and eating bon-bons all day (not that on occasion that’s exactly what I want to do).  So, go ahead and judge me by my counters.  I’m proudest when they are full and cluttered.  It shows that I’m doing more than just dusting them (which I admit I really don’t do).

Today was a productive day, and I’m still not done.  I have a batch of dill pickle relish on the counter waiting for me to finish it.  With more jars to add to the growing accumulation, I can honestly say I had a good day, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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