After The Storm

Two days ago Michigan had a reign of storms go through that left terrible flooding in its wake.  Our basement suffered minimal damage, but many people that we know have basements with several feet of water.  Roads were covered with water, sometimes so deep that cars were lost.  Rivers and streams overflowed, carrying mud and waste far beyond their banks.  Unprecedented rainfall, something good for my garden, but not so much for so many other reasons.

Last night, after the last of the rain finally headed east into Canada, there was one last squall while the sun was fighting to regain control of the skies.  The resulting rainbow was beautiful.

DSCF3708 DSCF3709 DSCF3711

Unfortunately my pictures do not do the wonder of this sight justice, but the glory of nature cannot be denied.

The storms are gone, the sun is shining, my garden won’t need watering till possibly Saturday, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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    • I’m no photographer, but it was frustrating how vibrant the colors looked through the viewfinder and how muted they were when photographed. I’m sure an experienced photographer could have captured it, but I’m just a point and shoot kind a girl.

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