Leather — And We’re Not Talking Cow Hides Here

One of my favorite ways to use up extra melon, leftover pulp, and over-ripe fruit is to make fruit leather.  It started about a year ago with tons and tons of plum pulp, continued with pineapple and berries, and finally evolved into peaches (with the skins on, of course).  This is a great way to make a sweet snack that is nutritious and healthy that I don’t mind the kids eating whenever they want because I control the amount and type of sweetener used.

Pretty much all the fruit leathers I make require only two ingredients:  Fruit pulp and honey or sugar.  Some of the fruits don’t need a sweetener, while others need just a small amount.


Peach (with peel) pulp with sugar to taste.


Blueberry with honey to taste.


Pineapple – pureed, no sugar.

Almost any fruit can be used for fruit leather as long as the water content is not extremely high like watermelon.  I know some people have made fruit leather from watermelon juice, but I have not had much luck with that.

Using up all the fruit remnants from my canning is important to me because I hate to throw anything out.  Dehydrating fruit pulp is one quick and easy way to do this and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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    • Thank you. I really enjoy sharing all my experiences. This is a new form of journaling for me and so far it’s been lots of fun.

      Fruit leather is so easy that I freeze fruit juice and pulp and make it all year long.

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