I Bet You Think This Is An Egg Slicer? Not Today!


While Grace and I were out in Romeo on a farmer’s market tour to start our long weekend, we came across a half bushel of beets that we couldn’t pass up.  With so much to can already on my to do list, I needed a quick and easy way to slice this 1/2 bushel for canning.

Rummaging through my granny gadget drawer, I pulled out my egg slicer.  Rarely have I ever used this for eggs.  I’ve used it for mushrooms, boiled potatoes, and strawberries, but only a few eggs.  Looking at the wire blades, I figured trying this with beets was worth a shot.


It worked!


Seven quarts and 12 pints of fresh packed jars are now in the pantry with perfectly sliced beets.  I just love granny gadgets, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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