Granny Gadget Cunundrum

Earlier this summer while picking up some canning jars at a garage sale I decided to look around at the other treasures for sale.  One of my favorite type of items to look through are the boxes of silverware and granny gadgets that are a standard at most garage/yard sales.  It’s amazing what you can find for pennies in these boxes and the unique finds that await.

While I was digging through the barrage of gadgets this sale had, I happened upon a gadget that I had no idea what it was.  It looked sort of like a bottle opener, but with teeth.



I must have looked perplexed because the woman selling the gadgets came over and offered, “It’s for corn.”  Oh!  Wow!  The only corn kernel remover I’d ever seen or used looked like this:


Although this one works, it is awkward and unsteady.  I figured trying this new version couldn’t hurt, especially since it was only $.50.

A few days ago while visiting a farmer’s market, I picked up a dozen ears of freshly picked corn on the cob.  There is no way we could eat a dozen ears before it became tough, but Grace and I love corn stripped from the cob and frozen.

After blanching the corn for 6 minutes I gave the new kernel remover a try.  The first ear took a little work, but by the time I was done, I’d gotten the hang of it.  The second ear was super easy and the kernels came off neat and clean.


It took only a few minutes to finish all the corn and it was so much neater than the old style kernel remover.

DSCF4036 DSCF4037

I had complete control of how deep to cut and how fast I wanted to go.  What a find!

With this new gadget I am heading out to the farmer’s markets again this weekend and plan on picking up at least two dozen more ears to strip and put in the freezer.  Next year I plan on planting corn in our garden and with this little wonder it will make short work of what I hope is a huge harvest, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.

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