It’s Time For Halloween

Decorating for Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for, however, because decorating my home for Christmas typically takes more than a month because I want it done by December 1st, more often than not, I tend to skip it.

Yes, it does take that long to decorate my home for Christmas. Hopefully this year I’ll be able to share with you some pictures so you can get a glimpse into our version of Bronner’s East (Bronner’s is a huge Christmas store here in Michigan for those of you that are unfamiliar with it).

This year, because I have not quite decided how much decorating I will have time for during the Christmas season, I decided to take out all of my Halloween decorations that have been dormant for several years.  My intension was that if I didn’t use it this year, I’d get rid of it.  With the house decorated and everything I wanted to use in its place, I had four things to drop off at the thrift shop.  Not as many as I thought I’d have, but the pressure was on.  Plus, after I was done using what I had, I decided to add to the decorations with some homemade touches.

Quite a few of my decorations are handmade.  I have a kiln and for several years made various Halloween ceramics.  I sold some, but for the most part, used them for gifts and personal use.  There are also some pieces in my Halloween collection that have been handed down through generations.  These are pieces that I hold close to my heart.

For those that don’t like Halloween or agree with what some consider to be a pagan holiday, bear with me.  I decorate for and enjoy Halloween for the fun and joyful spirit that it instills in children and adults alike.  There are no hidden religious connotations behind anything in my home, at least not in our minds.  If you are offended by the holiday or posts related to it, then I suggest you skip this post and probably the next couple on my blog as they will be consumed with showcasing my Halloween decorations.  I hope though that you will enjoy a look into our home and perhaps find some inspiration for decorating your own.

The Bathroom

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The bathroom is always the first room to get decorated it seems.  Probably because it is the easiest.  Very few wires to hide and not many lights in this room, only the leaves around the top of the mirror and the cone tree in the corner on the vanity.

It always surprises me how just a few decorations can transform a room.  I love bringing fall into the house to match the color changing world out of it, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.

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  1. I love your line, “I decorate for and enjoy Halloween for the fun and joyful spirit that it instills in children and adults alike.” I know there are many who shun Halloween as a pagan holiday. I used it once as a children’s sermon to point out the meaning of All Saint’s Day. Some things aren’t “it is what it is.” Some things are what you make them. I like the fun and joyful idea. By the way, I am re-blogging this so my Halloween loving daughter sees it. And besides, I have decided that instead of blogging for most of October, I will be re-blogging to share those I find interesting with those who follow me. Hope you don’t mind.

  2. Reblogged this on lucindalines and commented:
    I have decided to spend most of October choosing blog posts that I particularly enjoy and re-blogging them so that anyone following me will be sure to see them. Here is the first of the posts I have chosen. Happy early Halloween decorating!!

    • I got into ceramics when my son was a baby in his stroller. I’d go to classes and bring him along where he would sleep nearly through it all. After going to classes for about 6 months I bought a kiln, molds, and began making my own at home. I love them and hope when I hand them down to my children, they will love them as much as I do.

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