Black & Red Gambler 8 Foot Kangaroo Bull Whip

I just wanted to share this with everyone.

This is a friend of ours and he makes these absolutely beautiful bull whips. All the braiding is done by hand and the amount of strands he braids is simply amazing. He has been selling on ebay for years and recently set up a blog to showcase some of his handiwork,

I love art and truly appreciate the hard work and talent that goes into each and every one of these whips. This one especially is impressive. I hope you enjoy. ~ Tilly

DD's Big Hoss Braided Leather Designs

  • Ebay-1This bullwhip was made with a 60-strand handle and a 20-strand thong.
  • Measured from the end of the handle to the end of the braid, it is 8 feet.
  • Made with three cowhide bolsters, three braided kangaroo bellies, and a braided kangaroo overlay.
  • It has a two-tone red and black handle with custom designed playing card suits – Spade, Heart, Club and Diamond.
  • Spade Spade

    Heart Heart

    Club Club

    Diamond Diamond

  • There are matching pineapple 14-part, 8 byte knots.

DSCF4726 Matching pineapple knots.

Wrist loop. Wrist loop.

This whip is available for purchase or if you are interested in having something custom made, please contact me.  I will not duplicate it exactly but could change the knots, wrist loop, or colors and custom braid a similar whip to your precise specifications. Contact me if you would like to discuss the possibilities.

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