Christmas Kitchen – Winter Wonderland Part II

Although certainly not as impressive as the nook, the kitchen part of my winter wonderland carries on the white theme started in the nook.  Because the kitchen gets used for three meals a day plus snacks. it is hard to decorate anything more than the walls, windows, and out-of-the-way places that aren’t used for meal preparation.

As in the nook, the window treatments get changed, but rather than white sheers over the windows, I made window frames outlined with lights, covered with garland, and decorated with white material and silver ribbon and bows.


The light fixtures are wrapped with garland, topped with a bow, and have a silver snowflake glued to the fronts. Even the lights over the island get a little decoration.

DSCF5999 DSCF6010

The breakfast bar is the only whimsical area in the winter wonderland with snowball characters that I made many years ago nestled between ceramic houses that my great-grandmother made for my mother which were handed down to me.

The newest addition to the kitchen is the garland that outlines the entire ceiling.  Last year I added this, which helps to light up the room at night.  My goal is to use nothing but Christmas lights to illuminate every room in the house. The kitchen still needs a little more light, but there is always next year.


Even the dishes get changed for the holidays.  From November through mid-January we eat on my winter wonderland dishes and use snowflake flatware.


The oldest decoration in the kitchen is the Styrofoam clock that my grandmother made sometime in the 1960’s.


The newest, old decoration was given to me last year after Christmas by my father.  It is a Santa cookie jar that he made while I lived at home during the 1980’s.  I remember vividly him sitting at the kitchen table with my great-grandmother painting it.


Even the cabinets get a new look with ribbon and bows added for a bit of festivity.


The newest decoration is a sign that I bought at Marshall’s a few days after Halloween.  I thought that the colors would fit in the kitchen perfectly and with just a little silver garland around it for a frame, it was perfect.


Surrounding myself with decorations that spark wonderful memories is what makes decorating so rewarding.  Being that I spend so much time in the kitchen, I was sure to surround myself with decorations that held deep meaning and sentimental value.  With every meal I prepare, with every cookie I bake, with every dish I wash, I am reminded of the people I love, surrounded by memories of holidays past, and filled with holiday joy, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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  1. Ok, I have got to get my decorations out ASAP!! There is nothing like twinkle lights to dispel the gloom of winter days. I have been known to leave the lighted garland above my fireplace up way past New Year’s Day for its cheerful glow.

    • I am very lucky in that my husband is Orthodox so Christmas does not come until January 7th and New Year’s a week later. I was raised Episcopalian, so we celebrate December 25th also. Hubby doesn’t start wondering when the decorations are coming down until mid-January, although typically I do start before Orthodox Christmas because that is usually celebrated with a small dinner and not all the hype that is typical for December 25th.

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