Christmas Dining Room

Having a built-in china cabinet in our dining room makes a wonderful place to display a good portion of my Annalee collection.  The only trouble with this, is finding a place to store everything that is usually stored in it.  Crystal is wrapped, china is boxed, and box upon box is moved to the basement for storage.  A lot of work, but a labor of love in order to see my collection that only gets displayed this one time of year.


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Once the china cabinet is done, the rest of the room goes fairly quickly.


Window treatments are changed and a cabinet that my father built for me to place in front of the window is put in place where five small trees are displayed with a village beneath it.


On either side of the window are larger decorations that can easily fill the corner space.

DSCF6024 DSCF6026

The only other wall in this room is home to two very special sets of ornaments that I place in tiny gift bags I made numbered from 1 to 24.  These ornaments were gifts from Hubby and Grace.  Hubby’s set of 12 ornaments that he gave me were Wedding Tradition ornaments and Grace’s set to me was 12 Christmas Tradition ornaments.

DSCF6022 DSCF6023

I received these sets about seven or so years ago.  When I opened the set from Hubby my mother commented, “Those are for new brides.”  Without missing a beat, Hubby retorted, “She’s still my bride.”  A moment I hold dear to my heart.

The dining room table chairs are covered with chair backs that I made and are re-upholstered with gold material.


I think one of the most unusual decorations in this room are the ornaments that I hang from the ceiling and chandelier.


Our dining room does not get used as often as I would like, but at least during the holidays when it gets the most use, it is festive and warm, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.



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    • I have a storage room that is about 17×12 that is filled from floor to ceiling (8 foot) when all the decorations are put away. It’s a puzzle getting everything back in there every year, so I actually have a floor plan I try to follow. It’s necessary if I want it all to fit.

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