SUCCESS! Concord Grape Juice Update

Back in October I posted a recipe for Easy Concord Grape Juice.  This was the first time I had made this recipe and would not have the results for a few months.

This morning I decided it had been long enough.  Looking at those jars full of tantalizing purple liquid with grapes floating up on top was just too much, I had to crack one open and see what it had become.



Breaking the seal on the lid, I could immediately smell the sweet aroma of concord grapes.  It smelled just like the Welch’s grape juice concentrate I’ve bought in the freezer section at the grocery store.

With a strainer over a small juice glass, I poured a small amount of juice out of the quart bottle.  The color was not as dark as the store-bought, but the smell was certainly as strong.

Lifting the glass to my lips, I slowly took a sip and WOW!  It’s definitely grape juice.

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical.  I really didn’t think that 1 cup of grapes among all that water and sugar would have a chance of becoming the dominant flavor, but it was.

Admittedly, I did not take a second sip of the juice as it was.  It was on the sweeter side, so I added an ice-cube and about as much water as there was juice in the glass.  Perfect.

So, when I do this again next year I plan on using either less sugar and then I’d be able to drink the juice straight from the bottle (after strained) or adding more grapes and possibly a little less sugar and then calling it a concentrate.  I’m not sure, but this is definitely a keeper, it just needs a bit of tweaking.

I love it when a new recipe turns out on the first try.  Success to me is anything that doesn’t need to be thrown away. Having to make changes to the recipe is not a big deal, in fact that’s all part of the fun of cooking, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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