A Weeks Worth of Canning

Whew!  After all the troublesome headaches from losing both my laptops last week, it was a godsend to have some canning to work on to relax me and keep my mind off what was lost.

This afternoon I finally finished labeling all the jars, making room on the shelves in the pantry for them, and cleaning up the pantry.  The jars alone took me six trips of going up and down the stairs.  A job that definitely needed doing though, as I have a canning project I want to work on tomorrow and had no more room for filled jars if I wanted space to work on.

DSCF6699 DSCF6701

My January To Do List of Canning is off to a great start.  I finished the sweet potatoes and tomorrow I’m working on my first cranberry project.  In addition to what was on my list, I finished what I hope will be enough beans for the year and did a test run with white potatoes — posts to follow.

As much as I love to sit and admire all the filled jars of freshly canned goods on my kitchen counters, it is just as rewarding seeing them fill the empty spaces in the pantry, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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