A Taste of Spring Under A Sheet of White

Earlier this week I was seriously considering running amok with our snow blower and clearing away the snow in the gardens to get a head start on my gardening.  The day I had finally reached my breaking point, it snowed — AGAIN! This has got to end.

Although the snow is beautiful and all…


I seriously considered bundling up and sitting out in my lounge chair this week. Being cooped up in the house all these months is really taking its toll on my better judgement.


I’ll trade icicles for popsicles anyday!


The garden has so much snow on top of it, you can barely see it at the back of our property.


The plum tree looks so barren, it’s hard to believe that in a few very long months we’ll actually have flowers on it — I hope.


If I do end up bundling up and heading out to my lounge chair, I’ll have to unbury the fire pit too!

I can’t say I am going to miss it when it’s gone.

Well, I didn’t snow blow the gardens, sit out in my lounge chair, or dig out the fire pit, but I did have Grace paint some pretty white daisy’s on my nails to remind me that spring is coming and made myself a fresh bowl of fruit salad. A combination of winter and summer fruits, was the perfect topper to a light lunch.  Banana, strawberry, grapes, clementine, and cantaloupe helped pull me out of my funk.


Not exactly the spring I was hoping for, but for now, it will help me get through these lingering winter days, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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