Happiness Is…Clothes Drying Outside On The Clothesline!

Yes, I am that crazy neighbor that on the first day above 40 degrees hangs clothes out on the clothesline!  It’s me, and I’m proud of it.

I only hung a few things out today, just to make sure they would dry.

I only hung a few things out today, just to make sure they would dry.

This morning I could hardly wait to get a load of wash out of the washing machine and rush outside into the 36 degree morning to hang my first clothes on the line since last fall.  I have missed this.  I really have.  The sweet smell of clothes coming off the line after drying for hours in the fresh air–there is nothing like it.

Hubby was not happy with me as I pulled on my boots and trudged through the foot of snow still on the lawn to pull the clothesline tight across the yard.  I didn’t care.  I would have done it if we’d still had two feet of snow out there.

Hubby told me it would never dry.  “Ha!” I said.  “Oh ye of little faith.”

Hubby asked why I “had” to do it today.  To which I responded, “Why not?!”

The morning was dreary and still, but by three o’clock, the sky was clear, the sun was shining and the temperatures had soared to a sweltering 48 degrees.  By five o’clock the clothes were completely dry and smelled just like spring. Could it get any better?  Well yes, yes it could.

When I decided to hang the clothes on the line this morning, I hadn’t taken into consideration that the poles I use to lift the lines higher once they are weighed down with clothes were still buried deep under the snow.  I managed to unbury the end of one of them, but it was frozen to the ground and not budging.  By the end of the day however, the snow on top of the poles had softened and the poles popped right out.  This means that tomorrow I can hang sheets and possibly even a comforter! Yea! Fresh sheets on the beds tomorrow!

Bell is so happy to finally be getting out of the house for more than a few minutes -- Aren't we all1

Bell is so happy to finally be getting out of the house for more than a few minutes — Aren’t we all.

So, yes I am one of those neighbors that probably a lot of people hate.  Hanging my laundry out in my yard for everyone to see.  One of my neighbors even popped her head out her back door and yelled across the fence, “Do you think it’s spring?”  To which I answered, “Wishful thinking, but all I care is my clothes dried.”

We both laughed, but makes me wonder if this bothers her.  I’m not sure and as far as most other things around our house we are quiet and reserved, so if that’s the worst thing I do while living in suburbia, I think we’ll survive, and for that I’m — Simply Grateful.


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