Clearing A Garden For Peas

Yesterday as I was catching up on a few blogs, I happened to read a post from Mary’s Veggie Garden called It’s Planting Time.  Mary shared that she had already planted some peas, radishes, and spinach.  I was immediately filled with dread.  Was I already behind in my planting?

Mary lives in New York, where the weather is similar if not more vicious than Michigan and I hadn’t even begun to turn over my gardens.  I might use the excuse that we just had snow again last week, but the picture Mary had up showed that there was still snow on the ground when she planted!

Not sure how peas work, as I just planted a trial batch last summer in a patio pot, I asked Mary for some guidance. She was very gracious in telling me that I could most definitely plant my peas without worrying about hard frosts or snow.  Hurray!  As soon as I read that, I headed out to the garden.

By the end of the harvest season last year, I was too busy with other things to clear out any of the gardens, so they are just as I left them albeit a bit less green.


It took me about two hours to clear and turn the garden and then the fun began.

Before I could plant, I wanted to dig a trench for a make-shift trellis for the peas.  A good friend of mine saw this in someone’s trash and immediately thought of me.  When she called and told me about it I knew right away where it was going. Thanks Suzanne!


After I got the new trellis up, I measured out the rows, put stakes at either end and began running the twine so I could keep my rows straight.


I got one row of snow peas in and then the rain hit.  I guess I should be grateful I got as far as I did because rain was predicted for today as well as the next three days.

I have been blogging for just over a year and have met some really great people and learned so much from their posts I can’t begin to thank all of them for all their hard work.  Today I have to say I am Simply Grateful for Mary’s post and the information she shared in her response to my questions.  Thanks Mary, hopefully the rest of my peas will get planted by the weekend and then I’ll start thinking about radishes.


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  1. Yeah, you finally get to use the crib side, er, trellis! I love the idea that something that once supported new life, is being given new life, to again support new life! The delightful, creative cycle of life right there in your garden. How cool!

    It’s also kinda thrilling to know that I’m part of your garden in some small way in one small corner. I’m tickled pink, er, green …

    P.S. And remember “Give Peas A Chance” and always say “Peas and Thanks!”.


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