The Good News – Gardening Successes

After wallowing in self-pity for a while over everything that seems to be going wrong with my garden this year, I decided to go out this morning and see what good there was to be found.  To my surprise, there was some!

Ten days ago I planted my root garden.  I took an 8 foot by 8 foot section of the garden, broke it down into rows and planted three types of beets, two types of radish, carrot, parsnip, and turnip.  Last year I had planted beets and carrots and had success with them, the other root vegetables were new to me.


This morning when I went out to check on the progress of this garden I was thrilled.  Everything but the parsnip and carrot has sprouted.

DSCF8235 DSCF8236 DSCF8237 DSCF8238 DSCF8240 DSCF8241

Now the work begins.  This weekend I’ll be out there thinning the radish and possibly turnips and then sometime next week it will be time for the beets.

Getting the root vegetables in so early will mean at least one more planting before fall.  Since the radish have only a 25 day growth period I could easily plant these two or possibly three more times if I am so inclined.  But let’s not get ahead of myself here.  Sprouting is a far cry from actual harvest, but the fact that they sprouted at all is certainly encouraging, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


4 responses

    • Thanks for the info on the carrots. I didn’t know what to expect because last year I didn’t pay that much attention to how long it took things to sprout.

      I don’t know that I’ll actually do the thinning or send Grace out to do it. I’ll supervise of course, but getting down and doing it would be a real challenge.

    • Hubby laughed at me when I went out there with a tape measure, my drill, some screws, and twine to mark the rows. It looks nice and neat, now I just hope the extra work produces a good bounty.

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