Harvesting Radishes!

This afternoon I ate my first home-grown radish!  Can you believe it? It’s only May 13th and already the radish are ready for eating.

Well — actually they aren’t quite ready for eating, as they are only about the size of a nickel right now.


When I went to check on them this afternoon, however, I noticed two radishes that were touching.  I’d missed one while thinning.  When I pulled out the smaller of the two, I was rewarded with a teeny, tiny radish about the size of a raisin.  I could have easily just tossed it, but it was red, round, and looked like a radish, so I figured, Why Not?

I brought the little guy into the house, pinched off the top and bottom with my fingers, washed it under some cold water, and popped it in my mouth.  It was wonderful.  I’d have taken a picture and shown you how perfect this radish was, but in all the excitement, I forgot — next time. Sweet, crunchy, and so fresh tasting it took everything in me not to run back out to the garden and pull more of the baby radishes to snack on.


Patience!  I figure by the end of the week or possibly beginning of next, I’ll have more radishes than I’ll know what to do with, then I can replant!  I love that.  Only 25 days from sowing to harvest.


Too bad more vegetables aren’t like that, but radishes are, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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