Monster Rhubarb!

Last spring I planted two little plants of rhubarb on the side of the house, hoping that in a year or two I’d have enough rhubarb to harvest for canning.

Here is the rhubarb three weeks ago:


Here it is two weeks ago:


This is what the rhubarb looked like five days ago:


This is what it looks like today!


At this rate, it should be taller than house by the end of June.  Looks like there will be rhubarb for canning, and for this I am — Simply Grateful!

4 responses

  1. wow your rhubarb is bolting so early… here it seems to wait until later in the summer around July. I am not sure but I think you are suppose to cut /cook/ and eat before the plant bolts…. once it goes to seed it is tuff and stringy. But that is only what I have been told I almost always use mine in may and I have never canned it… please post about the process I would love to can mine too

    • I had no idea about when to pick this. I just started using rhubarb last year and picked it when I was picking strawberries in June. Being that my plants are just in their second year I’ve read that there is only something like a two week opportunity to use it. Even if I can’t use mine this year, I’m sure I’ll pick some when we go strawberry picking next month. For now, I’m just glad it’s growing. I was nervous it wouldn’t make it through the winter.

  2. Cut it now and it will come back again. If you let it go too long the stalks get too thick or so I have been told. I sometimes don’t cut it so quickly. You can get a second and third crop if you cut it now.

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