Preparing For Battle – Slugs Beware!

Last year when I planted pepper plants on the side of our house, it took just a few days for the slugs to set their sights on the full, luscious foliage.  After some research and a little preparation, I was able to remedy the situation fairly quickly by setting slug traps before nightfall.  This thwarted the Attack Of The Killer Slugs.

This year I decided not to let the slugs get the jump on me and began preparing my slug traps early.  Even though my pepper plants are still small and not much of a temptation for the constantly present slugs, being that there are more than 40 plants this year, a far cry from the 4 I planted last year, a bit of preparation time is definitely called for.

Here are the first 18 slug traps ready and raring to go.



All I need now is some beer to bait them with and we’re good to go.



Last year with just four pepper plants I was able to can enough jalapeno and green chilis for the year.  This year I hope to harvest enough Romanian, Szegedi, and White Cloud peppers to pickle for the coming year, about two bushels.  Any more than that will be great roasted with a bit of garlic, any less and it’s off to the farmer’s market to make up the difference.

The slugs took me by surprise last year and nearly destroyed the few plants I had.  This time I’m ready for them, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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  1. I am so glad I haven’t had problems with slugs, knock on wood. I think the voles we used to have ate them. I just hope I can get my peppers into the garden before they dry up in their tiny pots. Good luck with your garden and I mean that in the best way!

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