Garbage Picking Treasures – Potting Bench Work Top

Sundays Hubby and I head out around 6:30 p.m. to cruise around our neighborhood in search of treasure. Monday morning is our garbage day, and with over 1,1oo homes in our subdivision, we have lots of curbside mountains of trash to survey.

For years garbage picking has saved us money and enabled me to get some things on my “Wish List” that would otherwise be out of the question. For Hubby’s business he has found at least 10 perfectly good toilets that were being thrown out because of bathroom remodels, 6 – 27″ or larger perfectly working televisions with remotes, 2 working vacuums, 3 office chairs, 2 lazy-boy recliners, and countless other odds and ends.

My favorite finds would be the 10′, 6′, and 4′ ladders, a brand new bolt of upholstery fabric that I used to make slip covers for the couches, tons of garden pots and planters, garden stakes, wood for garden frames, entertainment book shelves that we put in our garage for storage, a commercial vacuum, and a leather chair and ottoman.

Even after so many years of going out every Sunday night, it never ceases to amaze me the perfectly good things people throw out.  I’m not complaining, in fact, every week when we head out, both Hubby and I have our own little wish lists of things we hope someone just might be throwing out.

About a month ago while Hubby and I were on one of our Sunday night drives, we happened across a house that was obviously remodeling their kitchen.  The driveway was filled with cabinets, cut up linoleum, and counter tops.  As soon as I saw the counter top, I told Hubby to stop.  I knew right away what that would be perfect for.  Without hesitation, I popped the hatch on our truck and slid it into the back.

Last summer I bought a potter’s bench on clearance and have been using it all spring.  Trouble was that although the sunken top is great for keeping dirt from getting everywhere, it isn’t easy on the back when I have a lot of planting or other work to do.

Putting the counter top over the potter’s bench gave me a work space where I didn’t have to hunch over for long periods of time.


Hubby cutting the counter piece in half and attaching some hinges, allows me to access the inside of the potter’s bench when necessary but still leaving me a work area.


This garbage treasure works perfect for me and looks neat and clean, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.

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  1. SCORE!!! What a great find! I’m thrilled for you. Ya’ know what I’m looking for, thrift store or curbside? A real handy husband … where did you find yours? … hee-hee.

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