Michigan Strawberries Are Here!

Last year I planted six strawberry plants.  By the end of summer we had harvested a few handfuls of the sweetest strawberries we’d ever eaten.  This year, I’ve been watching the strawberry plant progress since spring —

DSCF8686 DSCF8681 DSCF8678 DSCF8692

Before we left for vacation the strawberries were beginning to form and tiny green berries hid beneath the green foliage.

DSCF8685 DSCF8683

On our return, we were surprised to find strawberries galore!

DSCF9511 DSCF9510

Of course, there aren’t enough for canning — not this year anyways.  Next year, you never know.  Perhaps I’ll have enough for at least one batch of strawberry jam.  For now, I’ll make do with the two flats I picked yesterday.

DSCF1173 DSCF1177DSCF9520


Two hours, two flats, twenty-two pounds.  The possibilities are endless, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.

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