What A Difference A Door Makes

When we built our home some 23 years ago, we knew very little about what we should and shouldn’t do.  Tons of mistakes were made and from the day we moved in, I began a list of things NEVER to do again as well as everything we should have done differently.

Probably the biggest mistake we made was in choosing our windows.  Our builder convinced us that wood windows were the way to go and boy was that wrong.  Less than 10 years after moving in, our wood windows began to rot. With 32 windows in our house, having to replace these has become an ongoing saga. Every few years we reevaluate our windows and decide which ones absolutely need changing and which ones can possibly hold on for a few more years.

This year Hubby and I decided it was time to change our French doors.  These were standard for our home when it was built and one of the biggest selling points.  Everyone thought they were so elegant, so beautiful, so perfect. I agreed with them for about ten minutes, but after moving in I quickly realized how impractical they were.  With no screen doors to keep out the bugs, these doors were forever shut, never opened until they began to leak.  Then Hubby took weather-stripping and stuck it in every crevice, sealing them shut.  Then when we had siding put on the house, we instructed the installers to seal the doors with siding along all the edges of the doors on the outside.


For the past ten years this is how these doors have sat.  I hated them.  Why have doors if you can’t use them?  Hubby contended they looked nice.  Nice, smice!  Who really cares what something looks like if it doesn’t work.  So when the subject of which windows to get this time around came up, first on my list were the French doors.  Hubby wasn’t sold, but I held to my guns even though converting the 9 foot French doors to a sliding doorwall with a transom above it cost more than all the other windows we were having done, today it was done!


I am so happy!  It is amazing how much light these doors allow in, how much cross ventilation we now get with an open door, and yes it even came with a screen.  Could it get any better?  Well, they are vinyl, so there should be no upkeep and there are three safety locks.  Safe, secure, practical, and beautiful.

Now if I could only find some way to get Hubby to have the half-moon window above the transom removed and filled in with drywall, this room would be real close to perfect.  Maybe next time we replace more windows I’ll tackle that one — one can hope.

It took us far too long to fix something that has been a thorn in my side for too many years, but now that it’s done, all I want to do is sit here in the great room and look out through our new doors at the garden, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


7 responses

    • Thanks, I am so happy with the change. Now I can work on what type of window treatments to put up, but I hate to cover any of it up. For now I’m just going to enjoy the view.

    • It did and I absolutely love it! I’ve spent half the day moving the furniture around trying to figure out the best arrangement so I can sit on the couch and just stare out into the yard. Happiness is…

  1. What a change. Interesting that your doors didn’t work so well. We had a door in our bedroom and it swings in and we really never had issues. I suppose there are differences in all things. I so dislike my plastic windows because I am not able to put up hardware for window coverings, and all out trim is oak so I can’t put a nail in that either. For that my husband has had to live with the shades proverbially up for 15 years. Ha!that will learn him.

    • Part of the problem was that they were eight feet tall and solid wood. This made them exceptionally heavy and being wood they expanded and shrunk with the seasons. In the winter there was actual snow coming in through every crack and in the summer with the sun beating on it from sun up till about three o’clock, the heat fought continually with the air conditioning. No more French doors for us. From now on it’s sliders all the way!

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