Can’t See The Garden For The Weeds

“A man of words and not of deeds,
Is like a garden full of weeds.”
― Benjamin Franklin

I know this has been asked countless times; I know that I am not the first to ponder this; I know there has got to be some reasonable explanation, but —


Weeding has become a weekly chore for me, but with three separate gardens and some being too big to weed all in one day, this means a minimum of four days a week I am out there weeding. What frustrates me is regardless if I weed today, leaving nothing but clean, brown dirt surrounding my plants, in a week there will be weeds larger than the plants that have been in the ground now for nearly two months.  How can this be?

Whatever type of growth hormone these weeds are taking, I want some for my plants.  Can you image how big my pepper plants would be if they had half the growing power the out-of-control weeds have?

Well, this morning I was a woman of deed and spent two hours taming the jungle that was my potato and garlic section of the back garden. This is what it looked like before:


When I cleared away the weeds, broke up the soil and hilled the potatoes, this is what it looked like.


Quite a difference, at least to me. I know this time next week it will need it again, but for now I am content to admire a job done, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.



6 responses

  1. Wow, impressive! A well-tended garden looks so vibrant. And I loved seeing an updated picture of the “potato corral” :). Lookin’ good! S

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