Harvesting Peas – Freezing For Later

The other day I picked more than 2 1/2 pounds of fresh pea pods.


Actually I was supposed to be picking pea pods and snow peas, but all of my snow peas which are supposed to be puffy, were flat as well, so I picked them right along with the pods.


It’s possible the seeds got mixed up, because when I checked online as to why they would be flat and very large, there was no explanation.


My conclusion was then that either the seed packet was mismarked or I planted the wrong seeds. Chances are I screwed up, but in any case, the pods are sweet and tasty and now frozen for use later in the year when the garden shrivels and dies.

I had never frozen pea pods before, but it was very easy and pretty quick.

First, start with your freshly picked pea pods.



Next trim off the ends and pull of any stringy seams. While working, set a large stock pot full of water on the stove and bring to boil.DSCF9656

Once prepared, drop the pea pods in batches into the boiling water and boil covered for two minutes.


Immediately remove from boiling water and immerse in bowl full of cold water and ice for 3 minutes.


Spread pods out on paper towels to dry.


Then all you have to do is pack them in freezer bags or bowls, label, and freeze.

I have three quart size bags full of pods in the freezer and can’t wait to pull them out come winter. For now I’m enjoying eating more fresh pods daily. We’ve had three meals with fresh pods, using at least another pound. Can’t wait to see how many pounds the garden ends up yielding.

Even if I didn’t get the snow peas I was hoping for, I will take the pea pods any day of the week. They can be added to any dish I would have used the snow peas in, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.

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