My First Time Beaning A Success

For the last two years I struggled to grow beans in my garden. I know, I know, beans are supposed to be one of the easiest garden plants to grow. How could I possibly fail at that?  Easy, I planted them with companion plants that killed or stunted them to a point of failure. This was when I had no idea it mattered what you planted where. I thought I just had a black thumb, but it turns out I was just ignorant.

This year as I planned the various gardens around the house I paid special attention to which plants would do well with each other. Beans were a difficult one to place, but finally, after scratching my first two plans, I placed the bean garden next to the cucumber A-frame.

I planted the bean seeds directly into the garden and waited. After what seemed like forever the tiny seedlings began to sprout and fairly quickly the plants began to take off. The bean plants have grown so much that I finally had to begin staking the plants so they would stand up tall and not fall all over each other.


The two rows closest to the house are pole beans, which have just begun to flower. The three rows of beans in front of the pole beans are purple, yellow, and green bush beans.

Yesterday, as I was tying a few more bean plants to yet more stakes, I noticed something…

DSCF9947 DSCF9948 DSCF9950


Yep, I guess the third year is the charm for me when it comes to beans because today for dinner we enjoyed our first harvest ever of home-grown beans! I picked just enough purple, yellow and green beans for a meal.

The only surprise when I cooked them was that the purple beans turned green! Bummer. It would have been cool to eat a purple bean, but the taste of these fresh from the garden beans was delicious. A little butter, a little garlic, and just a touch of parmesan cheese — MMM, MMM, good.


I almost gave up trying to grow our own beans, but decided to give it one more try, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


10 responses

  1. I am so excited about your beans. I am going to look for those purple ones next year. I tried pole beans last year, but didn’t bother to tie them up. What a mess. I ended up with barely any harvest. We also had a horrible weed mess. I am so happy that this year we got ahead of the weeds, at least for now. My mouth is watering just looking at that pan of beans. Happy Gardening!!

    • The purple bean seeds were in a seed packet that had a combination of all three types of bush beans. They taste just like green beans, but they are sure different looking before cooked. My pole beans have climbed the poles but as of yet we only have a few flowers and no beans. I’m hoping they are just a slower producer, but no matter what — I did get some beans and that was my goal.

      • We had colored carrots last year and the purple ones were so pretty but turned orange when cooked, so it might be a thing with the purple vegetables, though the purple peppers are for real and I love them.

      • Never heard of purple carrots! That is something I am definitely going to look for. Won’t the family be surprised when I bring in a bunch of those, and I’ll serve them raw with a little dip so the color holds.

  2. We are trying our first year of bush beans… with the goal to can some in Aug…. the rabbits got to them but are finally living them alone and we should have beans for dinner next week! so glad that you did not give up on the beans.

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