A Weeks Worth Of Summer Canning I

Every summer my weeks seem to be consumed with gardening and canning, on top of all the regular demands of being a housewife. Each morning I wake and begin planning my day, scheduling all the tasks that need to get done into the hours I have to get them accomplished. When canning is on my agenda, I will typically do this first, leaving the remainder of the day to clean up and finish all the other work that has to get done. Sundays are the only exception to this rule.

Sundays I like to sit back and reflect on all the canning projects I accomplished during the week. I’m not one of those people who cans in the morning and stocks the pantry with those cans in the afternoon. Not by a long-shot. I like to see my accomplishments.  I am a visual type person. My jars sit on the counter, collecting, growing, waiting until not one more project can fit. So, come Sunday morning I step back and look at all the canning jars lined up on the counter and smile.

Last week my counter looked like this on Sunday:


From left to right:

Cran-Cherry Preserves

Tart Cherry Preserves

Very Cherry Syrup

Raspberry-Cherry Preserves

Cranberry-Cherry Pie Filling

Tart Cherry Pie Filling

Sweet & Sour Sauce

Pickled Beets

Very Cherry Pie Filling

84 jars for the pantry and summer is just beginning. I can’t wait to see what I get done this week come Sunday, and for this I am — Simply Grateful. 

4 responses

    • It’s almost an obsession at times, but it’s mostly only during the summer. Now with the garden starting to come in I’ll have more vegetables than fruit and this I look forward to even more.

    • Thanks. I love to can, I just wish we had more people to share it with as my pantry is overflowing already. Hubby keeps asking me, “Do we really need any more jams?” To which I always reply, “You can never have enough jam.” Truth be told though, we probably have too much. It’s just so hard not to try making them all!

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