Moving Onward and Upward

Nearly a year and a half ago I decided to finally take that leap and join the blogging community. It was a scary venture for me, but one that has been very rewarding and exciting.

When I was deciding which blog hosting site to begin my blog with there were many features that drew me to WordPress. Most sites had free versions for blogging, but with WordPress I was drawn to the fact that I could purchase upgrades ala’cart. Not being financially willing or able to invest a lot of money into this hobby, being able to purchase only those features that I could afford and that I needed made for the perfect fit.

That was then.

Recently I realized that I was getting very close to my limit on uploads for media content. I remembered when I signed up with WordPress that purchasing additional space for media was one of their features. So, a few weeks ago I went into WordPresses store to purchase this upgrade.

When I got into the store, the only options that were listed were for $99 per year and $299 per year depending on the features I wanted. This is not a viable option for me. I contacted WordPress and asked them about the ala’cart features and was told that they no longer offer these to everyone — only to those that have been with them for a long time.

This was a bit of a slap in the face. How long is long? Still, you can’t fight City Hall so for the past two weeks I have been sulking and trying to come up with some way to justify $99 per year. Yet, my question then is what if I stop paying?  Do they delete the additional pictures, delete my posts, delete my entire blog? It was just too depressing to think about.

Finally this morning I decided to do something to somewhat get around not being able to add more media to my current blog — I decided to start another one. Well, not just one, but several. I decided to break my blog down into various categories based on my most popular topics. Then, all of the blogs would be indexed in one main blog called Simply Grateful Way Of Life which is currently under construction.

At this point it seems viable, although somewhat confusing, but until I build up a following for any of my other blogs, I intend to reblog the posts from my other blogs here. Talk about muddying the waters!

Anyway, I hope that some of you will check out my other blogs and posts if you get a chance. I plan on listing the other posts on my sidebar for easy access, but for now will also be making posts to reblog any new posts on the other sites.

If anyone has a better idea or more viable option feel free to enlighten me. For now I’m pretty excited about my first new post on Simply Grateful Gardener, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.

6 responses

    • My only other option was to go back and delete all my photos and reload them changing the pixel size. This would only be a temporary fix, plus I’ve had my computer crash and lost many of the original pictures I have posted. Long and arduous task, hopefully the multiple blogs won’t be as bad and a more permanent or at least longer fix.

  1. Yeah! A new chapter (er, chapter-s-?) in your blogging life. The three A’s in action! I’m absolutely sure that there’s a silver lining in there somewhere waiting to reveal itself! I can’t wait to read all the new material! Best wishes on your new journey-s-!

  2. Good for you for not giving up! I have wondered what I will do when I reach my limit. This is a good idea and I wish you great success. I will be watching for your updates and progress as well as your new blogs.

  3. Oh that is a bummer! I will probably be faced with a similar problem when I get there, and I refuse to pay so much. By the way, how do you get in touch with the folks at WP, I always have difficulty, it just brings me to a forum. Incidentally, that might be a good place for you to ask about other cheaper options. Good luck!

  4. I have recently done that with the lucindagardens and lucindacrafts sites. So far the result is that all sections have dropped off, but part of that is my energy level is not the same and really hard to keep up all three spots. Good luck to you, I will for sure be stopping by.

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