Canning Tomatoes – Raw Pack

Made my first post on Simply Grateful Canning this afternoon. Check it out.

Simply Grateful Canning

Yesterday marked the beginning of tomato season in my kitchen. Although I have been harvesting eating tomatoes for about two weeks, yesterday was the first time I was able to pick the tomatoes specifically planted for canning – the Beef Steak and Better Boy varieties.

Canning Tomatoes-1

Even though there weren’t enough for an entire load in the canner, I wanted to get them canned while still fresh. Already I’d had to freeze a few of the tomatoes, so in order to capture as much of the fresh taste as possible, this morning I set to work.

The first step in canning tomatoes is to skin and core them. This can be done two ways.

The typical method of skinning or peeling tomatoes is to boil a large pot of water, drop the tomatoes into the boiling water, let sit 30 seconds, remove from pan and immediately immerse in ice water. The…

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