Plum Recipes #1 – Plum Pulp

The past couple of weeks have left me little time for much else other than canning and cooking. It seems that everything is ready for harvesting and every day there are more and more canning projects added to my ever-growing to do list.

Our plum tree has blessed us with over 120 pounds of usable fruit this year and I have completed canning more than 100 pounds of it. The remaining was given to friends and family other than the 12 pounds left on my kitchen counter and just a few left in the tree for picking. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Picking Plums Blog-7

Today I finished my second batch of plum pulp and have ten quarts and one pint for the pantry shelves. Check out my post at Simply Grateful Canning Preserving Plum Pulp For Future Projects. There will be many other plum recipes for canning to follow.

With plum season finally coming to a close, I can concentrate on other pressing crops like tomatoes, peppers, corn, peaches, beans and potatoes, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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  1. Beautiful picture of plums. Makes me want to go buy some, but I know they will be disappointing compared to home grown fruit. Glad you have been able to make good use of them! I’ve been canning sand pears.

      • They are also known as Kieffer pears or Asian pears. They can be a bit gritty in texture, hence the name, but taste like a regular pear. They’re crunchy like an apple. I’ve been making pear butter and pear- pineapple preserves. I’m going to make a conserve with walnuts next!

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