No More Pitting, No More Plums, Finally All The Plums Are Done!

It has been a long road, but the final plum canning project for 2015 is complete and stored safely in the pantry.

Check out Brandy & Spice & Everything Nice Plums at Simply Grateful Canning.

Brandied Plums  Blog-11

It doesn’t seem possible that I will not have to pit another plum for an entire year, or at least not any Damson plums. Who knows what I might find when I’m at the Farmer’s Markets in the coming weeks. Even though I have plenty of home-grown goodness to concentrate on, I still have to check out whats new at the local farms around me. Call it an obsession, but I just can’t resist.

At least with all the plums that were piled up no longer dominating my time, I can stop and take a moment, albeit a brief moment, to catch my breath. There are peppers, peaches, tomatoes, and beans still to can, but for now all I want to think about is:  I’m done with plums, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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  1. At Simply Grateful Canning, the picture of the ingredients was such a beautiful still life composition. There was even a trug in the background, how about that! And the canned jars look so beautiful; the words good earth, health, abundance and love come to mind. Between the list of ingredients and the pictures, well, I’m most definitely up to a taste test! Uhm, is that your doorbell? It might be me!

    • No word yet…the anticipation is killing me. Never know if it might just inspire me to can something else. Like my canning to do list doesn’t have enough on it, but I can’t resist trying it all.

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