Homemade Pretzel Hamburger and Hot Dog Rolls

Yesterday I read a post at This Abundant Life on Pretzel Sandwiches that made it impossible to have anything else tonight for dinner than something with pretzel rolls. Although I would have just loved to run out and pick up some pretzel rolls, when I checked at Aldi, they didn’t have any. Not wanting to run around looking for them, I did the next best thing, I decided to try to make them myself.

This afternoon I spent about an hour working on the recipe and although my first attempt tasted great, the looks left lots to be desired. For the complete story, check out my post on Simply Grateful Cooking Pretzel Rolls – Success and Failure All In One.

Pretzel Blog

This picture doesn’t show how flat my rolls are, but take my word for it, there’s no using these for hot dogs. I’m not going to give up on making my own pretzel rolls, but this has been a bit of a disappointing day.

Still, I will chalk this little set-back up to experience and push forward to not make the same mistakes next time and we are definitely going to enjoy eating my mishap, so for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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