Easy Caramel Dipping Sauce

The other day I decided to have an apple for a snack. As I cut it into slices, I remembered that I had some caramels sitting in the cabinet. There was no way I was about to unwrap the entire bag and melt them down to make caramel apples, I didn’t have that kind of time or inclination. So in order to enjoy that “caramel apple” taste without making a caramel apple, I opened up one caramel and cut it into pieces. Then, as I ate a piece of apple, I popped a piece of caramel into my mouth too. Viola! Caramel Apples–sort of.


As good as this tasted, I knew there had to be a better way.

My first thought was to see what sauces my cookbooks had. My search gave me several options, but because they used white sugar, they would take more time than I had. So finally I found a recipe using brown sugar. This cut the time to make a dipping sauce down considerably – instead of 30 or more minutes standing over the store, I would spend less than 10 minutes. Perfect.


The recipe I ended up with turned out great and can be found on Simply Grateful Cooking, Caramel Apples The Easy Way. Now the next thing I want to see if I can make is a caramel dipping sauce that can be canned and stored on the pantry shelf for 6 months or more. Another project to tackle this winter.


For now, we are enjoying Michigan Honey Crisp Apples with homemade caramel sauce and loving every bite, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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