Fall In Michigan – Time For Comfort Food

DSCF2231Baby, it’s cold outside! Yep, fall has definitely set in here in Michigan. With temperatures in the 40’s the past few days and dipping below freezing at night, I’d have to say summer is officially over.


I am happy that fall has come and the weather has been so agreeable. Very little rain, fairly mild winds, and for the most part the temperatures have been in the 60’s. Typically it seems that as soon as the leaves begin to change, the winds pick up and blow them off their branches before we have time to really enjoy the colors. Not so this year.


Besides the cooler temperatures, the best part of fall would have to be the return of comfort food. Many dishes that I make all year long are somehow different, warmer, more fulfilling come fall. Not until the hot days of summer have left us for another year do these meals once again regain their “comfort” status.

Today we enjoyed a hearty meal of homemade chicken soup and Chicken In Herbed Gravy Over Rice (recipe found on Simply Grateful Cooking). Loving fall in Michigan, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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