Introducing — Tilly’s Test Kitchen (TTK)

Introducing a new page at Simply Grateful Cooking. Also, check out my post on Almond Boneless Chicken and some changes to my original post.

Simply Grateful Cooking

The other day when planning to make Almond Boneless Chicken for dinner, I decided it was time to try a few variations with the gravy and see if I could finally put this recipe to rest. Although I had posted what at the time was my “final” recipe for this dish back in January of 2015 on my blog Simply Grateful Housewife, I was not completely satisfied with the gravy. It was time to open “Tilly’s Test Kitchen.”

Tilly’s Test Kitchen or TTK  will be a category of recipes listed in my new page, found along the left hand side of this blog, where I have tried variations of recipes, ingredients and/or techniques in the hopes of determining the best possible combination for a specific dish. It will list links to all the posts associated with the dish being tested so you can follow my journey and share in the successes, failures, or continuing saga of my quests…

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