Rebel With A Cause – Pressure Canning Against The Rules

I don’t always break the rules when canning, especially when it comes to pressure canning, but sometimes there are just no other options.

Such is the case when it comes to me, pressure canning, and using my glass top stove.

It wasn’t that I necessarily wanted to use my “highly recommended against” glass top stove, although it is certainly easier than any other option, but when it is all you have that works, what other option is there?

So I am a rebel, again.

Good news though. It works. I don’t know why it is recommended against, but using my glass top stove has proven to be the easiest, most fool-proof method of pressure canning than any other I have tried and as long as I have a glass top stove, it will be my go to heating choice. Check out my post at Simply Grateful Canning Pressure Canning on a Glass Top Stove  for the complete story.

I’ve been working on canning beans all week and have two more days still to go. Then it’s out to the garden to get some spring crops started, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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    • I’m doing quarts in my 24 quart canner and pints in the 12. So far I’ve done Great Northern, kidney, and pinto beans this week. Tomorrow it’s garbanzo and then navy and mixed beans. Hopefully this will be enough beans for at least six months. Summer canning is right around the corner…

      • I need a new pressure canner. Or at least a second one. I have been asking my hubby for a dehydrator for years and this Christmas I not only got one but also a second one from my daughter. Can’t wait for summer preserving!

      • I got a new dehydrator a couple years back, which was my second one, and love it. Use them all summer and even through the winter. I picked up my second pressure canner at an estate sale for $10 — a great deal, a couple years back. It seems that two of everything is a good thing all the time!

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