Can You Remove Maple Flavor From Bacon?

That was my question this afternoon when it came time to make dinner and I found I’d bought maple bacon instead of smoked.

Well, the good news is you can remove the maple flavor, check out my post at Simply Grateful Cooking How To Get The Maple Flavor Out Of Bacon. What a relief. Being that it was 86 degrees, sunny, and humid today I was not in the mood to head back out to the store in my car with no air conditioning during rush-hour traffic.

Have you ever bought the wrong “type” of product when grocery shopping? I swear having so many options is more of a hinderance than a blessing. I suppose I’m more of a “You can have any color car you want, as long as it’s black” kinda girl than one that revels in multiple choices for every product on the market. Sure sometimes it’s nice to have a few choices here and there, but really, how many different types of vanilla ice cream, baked beans, vinegar, salad dressing, or cereal do we really need? And that’s just naming a few of the items where there are more options than I have time to peruse.

At least today I was able to fix my mistake and learned something new in the process, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.


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