The Year of the Tomato — NOT!

The color of my thumb is truly in question this summer. You know the old saying, “If you didn’t have bad luck, you wouldn’t have any luck at all?” Well that is my gardening, specifically tomato gardening life this year.

From prematurely transplanting seedlings and killing them all to not hardening the second planting of seedlings off before putting in the garden to dealing with sun scald and wind damage — things just couldn’t get any worse. Or so I thought.

The latest in my tomato garden saga is tomato leaf curl. What fun! Check out my latest post at Simply Grateful Gardener Tomato Leaf Curl Quandary.


I can’t tell if I’m watering too much, too little, or with my luck it’s probably a combination of the two and now I’m left trying to sort out when to water and how much.

What’s left? Early blight, tomato worms, hurricane, wild-fire, earth quake?

Well I say, BRING IT ON! This has definitely been a challenging year for growing these supposedly easy plants, but with challenge comes new-found knowledge which hopefully means next year I can rise above all this and have a true Year of the Tomato.

For now I’ll keep struggling away until every last plant either produces fruit or withers and dies. In the end I’m going to be the foremost expert on what not to do when growing tomatoes, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.

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    • Well with all that against me no wonder I’m having so many problems. I just hope the plants make it long enough to produce some bounty. We have had some real humid weather the past week and tonight I noticed even more curly leaves. I guess there’s not much I can do about that other than move everything inside…that’s an idea! I doubt Hubby would go for it though. Does make me really want to look more into hoop houses though.

  1. Oh good luck with those crazy plants. It usually works out in the end. This must be why when I started out, I would plant about 50 plants so that at least 10 would survive and produce. Ha!!

    • I’ve got 40 plants right now but I know they are not all going to produce, especially the worst hit by the leaf curl. I just hope to get enough to can everything I want, but if not there’s always the local farms.

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