I am not Miss Suzy Homemaker.  You cannot eat off my floors and if you drop by unexpected there would no doubt be dishes in the sink, dust on my tables, and laundry on the floor.  Heck, even if you’re expected this is a distinct possibility.

Every day I cook and clean, but this in no way implies that my home is a showplace or I serve seven course meals every night for dinner.  I do what needs to be done–nothing less but at the same time not much more unless I have to.  I have learned through the years that being a housewife is an endless role so why stress about it.

My idol, Peggy Bundy from the late 80’s sitcom Married With Children (who I truly believe more women could learn from) never cooked, cleaned, parented, or cared and she managed to raise two delinquent children and bring misery to her husband on a daily basis.  I figure since I cook, clean, parent and care, the quantity shouldn’t really matter — it’s all in the quality.  My children are healthy, fed and clean and my husband isn’t miserable but in fact perhaps even happy, so I must be doing something right!


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