A Christmas Pyramid

Ever since I saw the movie Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase, I have been enthralled with Christmas Pyramids.  That is, until I found out how expensive they were.  Sure you could find some cheap versions in discount stores, but when I brought any of them home, although they looked the part, they would not spin when I lit the candles around them.  Very disappointing to say the least.

After many starts and stops on my quest for a reasonably priced, working Christmas pyramid, this year I finally found one.

Grace and I are always sure to check out the latest in Christmas decorations at every store we go to.  Beginning a week or so before Halloween, many stores already have some of their decorations for sale, and that is when the selection is the absolute best it will be for the entire season.

November 1st Grace and I headed out to Marshall’s and strolled among their several aisles of freshly displayed Christmas decorations.  In the very last aisle we walked down, on the end cap, there they were, a complete display of authentic German Christmas pyramids.  I was thrilled.  For nearly 15 minutes I hemmed and hawed over which one I should get. Finally, Grace, probably frustrated with my indecisiveness, chose for me and we headed to the register.  I could hardly wait to get home and try the first addition to our Christmas decorations for 2014.


Pulling out some half-spent tapered candles, I cut them down to fit into the three candle holders around the base of the pyramid.  Lighting them carefully, I set the pyramid in the center of the coffee table and waited.  Within seconds the blades on top of the pyramid began to move.  It worked!

Christmas is full of tradition and this new decoration is one that celebrates my German heritage.  The first decoration of 2014 is one that I will hold dear for many years and pass down to my children to enjoy with the generations yet to come, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.