Holiday Break Farewell at the Dessert Oasis

Today was the last day of Grace’s holiday break from work and school. Tomorrow she returns to work and next week she starts back at college.

It has been a nice couple of weeks having her home more, spending time doing some of the things we haven’t had time to do, and enjoying just having her here in the house.  Most of the time I don’t see Zeb or Grace when they are home from work or school, but I know they are here.  Knowing they are in their rooms, close by, is a comfort I will miss when they are gone.  I know that this time is fleeting, and making the most of it is one of the most important things in my life.

To make the most of this last day together, Grace invited me to go with her to a cafe’ out in Rochester, Michigan. Rochester has a downtown area that runs about three blocks consisting of small, independently owned unique businesses.  I guess I’d have to say it is rather a yuppie area, not someplace I typically frequent, but definitely someplace very fun to visit.

Being that the weather was a bitter 7 degrees this morning when we ventured out, we knew that walking Main Street was not going to happen.  Instead, we planned a relaxing morning at The Dessert Oasis and then lunch.

The Dessert Oasis is one of those cafe’s like you’d see on television.  The walls were brick, the floors were hardwood, the ceiling was lined with track lighting and drop down lanterns, the room was long and narrow, filled to the brim with tables, couches, and chairs, and filled with the smell of fresh coffee.  It was quaint and welcoming, absolutely perfect for sitting around and chatting.

We ordered latte’s and chocolate muffins and made ourselves comfortable on a couple of couches.  Our order was delivered to us, freshly made and steaming.

Caramel Latte on the left; Cinnamon Latte on the right.

Caramel Latte on the left; Cinnamon Latte on the right.

The latte’s were wonderful, but the time we spent together was even better.  Being invited to share Grace’s last day of vacation with her made this one of the absolute highlights of the entire holiday season.  She is 18, driving, has a boyfriend, works full-time, goes to school full-time, and yet made time for her dear old ma, and for this I am — Ever So Simply Grateful.