The Bugs Keep Coming! Enter Japanese Beetles

Well, I no sooner eliminated the cucumber beetles on my cucumber plants, and two days laterĀ I head over to the bean garden, right next to the cucumbers and notice tons of shiny greenish-gold beetles eating the leaves. There had been absolutely none there the day before and now a good portion of the leaves on the stakesĀ holding the pole beans were eaten away and there were even a few on the bush beans. Great!


How disheartening, but easily remedied. Although I wasn’t sure the spray I had mixed for the cucumber beetles would have any effect on these new beetles, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try until I had some time to do some research. I started by spraying just one leaf, one that was infested heavily.


Within two minutes all the beetles had fallen to the ground. Excellent. I sprayed the remaining beans and by this morning, we were beetle free.

I have noticed a few lingering beetles, Japanese that is seeing as I did some research and found out exactly what I was dealing with here, that have moved to the peas and one even made it over to the corn across the yard, but until I’m sure they are there to feed, I’m holding off spraying anything else.

My garden is full of lots of visitors, some good and some not so good, but as long as I keep on top of these buggers and don’t allow them to take over, everything should be okay, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.