Teaching My Peas To Climb Fences

Over the weekend I decided something had to be done to tame the out-of-control pea plants in the garden. They were laying on the ground, weighed down by their height and all the peas. Only one section of the pea pods had a fence, made from an old crib section, to climb, leaving the rest of the garden free to grow wild.


Having some scrap wood lying around I built a fence to hold up one of the rows.


Seeing how well this worked, it was off to Lowe’s for some 1 x 2’s. Two hours later, the garden was under control and ready for picking.


Now that the pea plants are tied to their fencesĀ and off the ground, I’m hoping to get even more pea pods and peas for freezing. Already the plants have begun to cling to the new fences and more flowers are beginning to form. Next it will be time to harvest the Early Peas and begin shelling them.

Gardening is more rewarding than I ever imagined, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.