Mother Nature Takes Over-Bees Pollinating My Pumpkin Flowers

Last night before I came in for the night, I checked the pumpkin patch. I wanted to know if I’d have to head out early in the morning to pollinate any female flowers. For the past couple of days all we’ve had were male flowers.

Upon inspection I found two female flowers that were ready to bloom. This meant I’d be heading out to the garden first thing with paint brush in hand to pollinate some flowers.

At 6:30 Bell and I stepped out into the hot, humid morning and could see the huge yellow blooms on the pumpkin vines across the yard.


As we got closer to the patch I couldn’t believe what I saw —



Yep, the bees have finally decided to take over the job of pollinating the pumpkin flowers.


This is the first I have seen them in the pumpkin patch, and boy were they busy. Flying from one flower to the next stopping momentarily to pick up some pollen and then rushing to the next flower,

DSCF0078 DSCF0073

and then finally heading over to the female flower — it was amazing.


Although I enjoy the process of pollinating the pumpkin flowers, it’s nice to know that Mother Nature has stepped in to take over and do the job, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.