Peas A Poppin’

It has taken over three weeks, but finally when I went out to the pea garden today, I found signs of life!



I cannot believe how long it took these babies to start popping up, but am keeping my fingers crossed they continue to do so.  Only a few in each row have broken through so far, which would probably only produce enough for a meal or two.  I’m hoping to be able to freeze peas for the coming winter.

The garden has three types of peas:

Sugar Pods

DSCF8369 DSCF8368


Snow Peas

DSCF8370 DSCF8367


And Early Peas.

DSCF8371 DSCF8372

The early peas are the only ones I’m not sure if it’s a pea plant or a weed, because it looks different from the other two.  Time will tell.

It is such a relief that there is some visible proof that just maybe we’ll get some peas this year.  I was beginning to wonder if the pea seeds I used were duds. Still, I don’t want to get ahead of myself here.  They have a long way to go before they’ll actually have any peas for picking.  For now, I’m just thrilled that they’re a poppin’, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.