Loving The Lilacs

One of the best things about May is that this is the month our lilac bushes bloom.  Not every year, mind you, because for some reason they tend to skip a year every couple of years, forcing me to wait for them to return the following year.  This year though, both our bushes bloomed.


Bell loves sitting right by the lilac bush in the warm sun. I’m not sure if she too likes the smell of the lilacs or if it’s just the full sun on her back — either way, she’s enjoying something!


This afternoon I cut the first two bouquets from the bushes. The bushes are loaded with partially bloomed lilacs, but I managed to find two vasefuls of fully open lilacs. One for my neighbor Karen who absolutely loves lilacs, and the other for Grace.

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I’m glad I cut them today because frost is predicted for tonight which might brown all the remaining. Thankfully the house will protect the ones I cut, filling the great room with the sweet scent that only comes round once a year, if I’m lucky, and for this I am — Simply Grateful.



3 responses

  1. I am so jealous. Growing up we had a lilac bush very near our kitchen window. On spring mornings the breeze would scent the kitchen and waft the scent through adjoining rooms. It would induce that calm, soft, gentle, happy, spring morning feeling.
    Hey, I just found out that a lilac can be started from cuttings! (Subtle enough?)

    • I’ll google that and start one for you right away.
      I love the lilacs too, and having them right out the kitchen window is just as you said — the scent fills the house. Grace likes to have a bunch in her room, but they typically only last a day. I get to enjoy them throughout the blooming season while in the kitchen, which is most of the day.

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